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Product features
1) Adopt high-quality stainless steel shell, anti-corrosion and durable, independent integrated structure, compact and simple, and save space.
2) The insulation layer of the box is fluorine-free foam, which has good thermal insulation effect. The inner liner is fluorine-free bacteriostatic type, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
3) High-quality and high-efficiency R134a fluorine-free compressor is adopted, and the parts and components have been tested by SGS and meet the requirements of RoHs environmental protection directive of the European Union.
4) All electrical safety parts and components have "TUV" or "VDE" safety certification, which is safe and reliable.
5) The ice making process is controlled by full computer program and imported computer chips, which are reliable in control and stable in operation.
6) The Haitec two-stage reducer with Italian technology has low noise and stable and reliable operation. The cooling hole and fan are set on the top of the ice machine to ensure that the reducer motor can operate reliably under high temperature and harsh conditions.
7) The traveling cavity partition ice evaporator with patented technology has high refrigeration efficiency and large ice production.
8) Spiral hob extrusion ice making type, compact structure, realize automatic separation of ice and water. The optimized design of the ice blade makes the ice shape small and practical.
9) The unique water tank floating ball inlet system ensures no residual water, no deicing process, no water loss, no residual water, water saving and energy saving.
10) There are protective shutdown functions such as ice full display, water shortage display, supercooling protection display, fault warning display, etc. The ice machine will stop automatically when the ice is full and water is scarce, and will start automatically when the water is coming in. It has the function of automatic memory recovery.
11) The ice made is amorphous fine granular snowflake broken ice. The ice shape is small, can penetrate into a narrow gap, has fast cooling speed, and has good ice bath effect. It is specially designed for the laboratory.
12) The front part is equipped with power switch and function indicator light. The thoughtful and detailed operation instructions are intuitive and convenient to use. All safety indicators have passed the electrical performance test, which is safe and reliable.
13) The ice-making performance test and commissioning for a long time before leaving the factory ensure the excellent performance of the product.
14) Snowflake ice is widely used in hospitals, schools, laboratories, research institutes and other occasions, as well as supermarket food preservation, fishing and refrigeration, medical application, chemical industry, food processing and other industries, with a wide range of applications.