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Changshu Lingke Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.


About us
  Changshu Lingke Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. established in 2010, is located in Changshu National Economic Development Zone. It is a professional ice machine enterprise dedicated to the integration of research and development, production and sales. There are two main series of self-developed and produced by one of our own, Zitou ice machine series and snowflake ice machine series. The company's ice machine, snowflake ice machine, widely used in household, medical industry, laboratory refrigeration, chemical industry, hotel chilled, milk tea cold drinks, supermarket freshness, hotel chilled, food processing, marine fishery, Meat industry and other industries.
  The bullet ice machine and snowflake ice machine produced by the company have passed the European Union CE certification, the United States ETL certification, product quality certification, etc., and have a number of invention patents. The ice making equipment we produce is growing at a rapid rate every year Sales: the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Italy, Germany, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and more than 40 countries and regions, and have been recognized by our customers.
  Since the establishment of the company, we have always insisted on putting product quality and service first, and better meeting the needs of different industries.
  We start from the details and continuously optimize our products to make our brand image more standardized and fine-tuned to meet the requirements of constantly improving enterprises. Our attention to details is reflected in all aspects, quality, innovation, energy saving, fast and efficient. Walking with us, you will find that we are more professional, and our direction is to become the leader and benchmark in this industry. There is a long way to go.